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In the enchanting atmosphere of La Cuvée de Montreal, exceptional beers and spirits, good food and music from past eras intertwine. The ultimate event for the curious since 2013, it exudes a true passion for local products. In addition to its fine nectars, La Cuvée also presents DJ sets and wild burlesque performances, enough to set the dance floor on fire!


La Cuvée is back with a new image that is more captivating than ever to recall the union of artisans under a common passion: paying tribute to Quebec spirits and the art of brewing here.

11_IG_STORY_V01-06 2-min.png

Mathieu Potvin

Incredibly versatile, Mathieu Potvin specializes in maximalist style illustrations. His multi-detailed works offer a complex and appealing visual experience, inviting the public to carefully observe all the elements present.


His unique and instantly recognizable style has earned him collaborations with institutions and organizations including Le Devoir, L'Actualité, Urbania/La presse +. He is also an illustrator for several breweries, wine and distillery companies such as Avant-Garde, Dunham and Trou du diable microbrewery, Slobodne winery and Ward and Associates wine import agency.

P_LC (3).png

"From the container to the content, our brewing creators conceive their products as we create great works of art. So I approached this series of posters as if it were a high-end brand, drawing influences from the opulent world of "The Great Gatsby" and the burlesque universe that also runs alongside the event. With this equation, I want to infuse this first post-pandemic Cuvée with the freedom of the Roaring Twenties and the festive spirit we all so desperately need...finally!"

Mathieu Potvin

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International Women's day

To mark International Women's Rights Day, La Cuvée decided to highlight their undeniable contribution to the Quebec beer world. How did we do it? Through a series of portraits of the key players in this fast-paced industry.


Photo - OVERHOP BREWING_Patricia Rios.jpg

"I think we've gained a lot of ground. However, we need to continue to work hard so that we can grow our presence in the industry even more."
- Tatiana, OverHOp Brewing

Photo - Glutenberg_Célia Baudoin 1.jpeg

"If you go back in history, it was women who brewed beer. It should be less of a surprise that a woman holds such a position in 2022!"


Photo - À La Fût_4 filles.jpeg

"If we still ask the question, it's a sign that women have not yet made their place to the fullest!
- Sara Beaudoin, Microbrasserie à La fût

It is our way of paying tribute to the women who influence the brewing industry and who give so much pleasure toall the beer lovers here. Santé!

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Tribute to women in the community


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